Woodworking bit hole sawing and cutting machine set with 19mm-127mm hole sawing and cutting machine

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13pcs 19mm-127mm Hole Saw Cutting Set Woodworking Drill Bit Hole Saw Cutter
Material: Hard Alloy, 50# Carbon Steel
Sawtooth hardness: HRC4-48
Diameter of Drill Bit: 19mm,22mm,25mm,28mm,32mm,38mm,44mm,54mm,64mm,76mm,89mm,102mm,127mm
For 0.5mm - 10mm Thickness Aluminum.
Allows cutting through a depth about 25mm (for wood).

Adopts high quality 50# Steel,high-frequency quenching serration,long service life.
Working depth reaches 25mm,can be used on wood and PVC pipe,etc. Mainly use for home downlight,spotlight.
Backer, cutting edge and cap work together to provide faster, longer-lasting cutting action.
Positive rake teeth clear chips better for longer life and easier cutting.
Teeth stay sharper and make smoother cuts.
Suitable for drilling plasterboard,iron sheet, plastic, thin wooden board,Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), aluminum board and computer tables which is within 25mm depth.
1. Be careful to avoid skipping of the blade when using a hole saw, this can ruin the finish of your case.
2. Masking off the area remotely close to the intended hole is a good idea.
3. Please noted that if you cut the hard material such as Aluminum, you need to use the oil to low the temperature,
if not, maybe the drill bit will be broken due to high temperature, please understand.

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