Mini aluminum hand drill with carving table clip and 10 twist drill

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Mini Aluminum Hand Drill with Carving Bench Clamp and 10 Twist Drills

Here's a video to show how to use this hand drill:

Hand drill
Material Aluminium Alloy
Length 95mm
Color Black
Chuck Clamping Range 0.3-3.2mm
Bench clamp
Cast aluminum, white chuck was engineering plastics, clamping firm.
Size 107*60*35cm
10pcs Twist Drill Bits
Material High Speed Steel
Application Suitable for PCB, crafts, jewelry, watch making.

-High precision, can clip 0.3 -3.2mm drill bit.
-For aluminum hand drill hobby.
-Mini wood hand drill chuck for jewelry tool micro twist bit.
-Suitable for wood, plastic, rubber ,model and others material to drilling hole.
-Do not fit steel, iron, stone, such hard things.
-Perfect for drilling wood,Jin Gang,linden,horn,amber,olive, walnut, plastic and other materials.
-The bench clamp is suitable for fixing small items, such as olives, walnuts, bodhi, small Indian stone and other small items, good fixed effects.
Package included:
1 x Hand Drill
1 x Carving Bench Clamp
10 x twist drills

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N***a 01/12/2022

amazing stuff?

p***u 30/11/2022


m***n 29/11/2022

very pretty..worth the wait

S***l 29/11/2022

good but light from pic

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