Db-m5 10pcs 1.5mm-3.175mm carbide end mill, used for CNC rotary burr

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DB-M5 10pcs 1.5mm-3.175mm Carbide End Mill Engraving Bits For CNC Rotary Burrs

Corn milling coating using imported materials, sharp tip has high dimensional accuracy, good chip performance, chip sharp, long life,
suitable for all kinds of sheet metal, especially for high TG, and environmental protection boards and other high hardness plate processing.
High bending strength and high hardness and high wear anti-demolition loss coupled with long life and other advantages.
Model: DB-M5
Material: Tungsten steel
Coating: Titanium
Shank: 3.175mm
 Blade Diameter (mm) Blade Length (mm)
1.5 8.5
1.6 8.5
1.7 8.5
1.8 10.5
1.9 10.5
2.0 10.5
2.4 10.5
2.5 10.5
3.0 12
3.175 12
The use of ultra-fine grain carbide material, it has good milling, cutting performance, ensuring high work efficiency.
Have sufficient bending strength and wear resistance.
Milling, hole and panel edge, surface clean, tidy, no glitches.
Package Included:
10x Carbide End Mill Engraving Bits 


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Nice items

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