99pcs 1.5mm-10mm twist drill, matching titanium plated HSS twist drill

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99pcs 1.5mm-10mm Twist Drill Bit Set Titanium coating HSS Twist Drill Bit


Material: 4241# HSS
Surface Treatment: Titanium coating
1#: 99pcs twist drill bits with bag
2#: 99pcs twist drill bits with box
Diameter Quantity Diameter Quantity
1.5mm 16pcs 4.5mm 3pcs
2.0mm 16pcs 5.0mm 3pcs
2.5mm 15pcs 5.5mm 2pcs
3.0mm 10pcs 6.0mm 2pcs
3.2mm 10pcs 6.5mm 2pcs
3.5mm 8pcs 8.0mm 2pcs
4.0mm 8pcs 10.0mm 2pcs

Titanium coating twist drill bits.
Drill bit tip with 135 degree and split point manufactured to DIN 338. For fast, clean drilling with maximum surface quality.
A right-hand cutting twist drill bit made of high speed steel, ground from solid metal.
A safe drilling start without pre-punching.
Fast drilling rate with extremely low friction.
Univiersally suitable for all different kinds of metals, perspex and hard plastics.

Fit for drill:
Iron, Alloy steel up to 900N/mm, Non-alloy steel up to 900N/mm, Copper, Bronze, Cast iron, Hard plastics, Perspex.

Note:Just 2# includes box, the 1# just 99 twist drill bits with bag.

Package Included:
99 x Twist drill bits

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Love it

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same as picture

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