130/180/230/380/480mm adjustable m2-m24 handle tap reamer

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130/180/230/380/480mm Adjustable Tap Wrench M2-M24 Handle Tap Tapping Reamer Tool

Tap wrench can improve the work efficiency, is a necessary tool for tapping.
Installed on the wire can be used, convenient and practical.
A type of wire tapping wrench is applied to a variety of wire tapping.
We offer 6 kinds of specifications for 
the vast number of motor mechanics, engineers and amateurs.
The handle is fully 
adjustable to accommodate any Metric Tap between M2 to M24.
Material: Alloy
Type Size Length Range for taps
#1 130MM 13cm M2-M4
#2 180MM 16.5cm M3-M6
#3 230MM 21cm M3-M10
#4 380MM 30cm M8-M18
#5 480MM 38cm M12-M24
1. Suitable for hand tap wrench, for clamping tap reamer cutting internal thread hole tool.
2. Convenient and practical, using a wide range of regulation
3. A type of wire tapping wrench applied to a variety of wire tapping. The rapid construction
of difficult machining parts, greatly improving the efficiency.

Please note that the package includes one tap wrench only.
Please select the size you want.
Package Included:
1 X tap wrench


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