10pcs 3.175 * 22mm 2CNC milling cutter tool parts

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10pcs 3.175*22mm 2 Flutes Milling Cutters CNC Cutting Tool Parts

Materials: carbide alloy
Size: Φ3.175*22mm
Over Length: (approx.) 40mm
Weight: (approx.) 50g

Suitable for processing PVC, acrylic, density board, wood, aluminum, copper, etc.
Commonly used to milling bottom, 2D cutting and carving.
With sharp cutting edges, good durability and good chip removal.

Using Tips
Lower the cutter grasper as far as possble.
Come to move slowly and accelerate gradually, but the move should not be too fast.
If the chuck works with vibration, reduce the feeding speed to check if there is something wrong with chuck or fixture.

Please allow a bit hand measuring errors.

Package included
10 x 3.175mm Double Flutes Milling Cutters

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